Microsoft is confident in the Xbox One’s chances on the Japanese market

Microsoft is finally bringing the Xbox One to Japan after almost a year since the console was first launched in the US and EU. Since this a market traditionally dominated by Sony and Nintendo, most people believe that the Redmond-based company will have a hard time selling a decent amount of units over there. Even so, Microsoft is very confident in their chances and have big plans for the Xbox One in Japan. “I want a better performance than our past consoles,” Xbox Japan’s Takashi Sensui said earlier. “With a generational change between game consoles there’s a possibility that the market share could shift as well. We have set big goals.”

Now only that, but Microsoft actually wants to take their revenge on Sony and Nintendo who crushed them in Japan in the previous two generations. While the Wii U hasn’t sold very well, the PS4 is absolutely dominating and has already sold more than 10 million units since launch. Microsoft hasn’t revealed any Xbox One sales figures in a long time, but it is believed that their console sold at least 5 million units until now. Still, the difference is pretty big and the Xbox One vs PS4 battle will now take place in the latter’s own backyard. Chances seem rather slim, but Microsoft has a lot of friends among the major Japanese developers now and they are willing to support the Xbox One with exclusive titles. Add to this the fact that the Xbox One will launch with 29 games – including Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Ryse: Son of Rome and Crimson Dragon – and that now the console is on par with the PS4 in terms of price.

All in all, the Xbox One seems way more prepared to take on the PS4 than it did at launch so who knows, we might see it make a comeback eventually. We also need to note that Microsoft is launching its console in 28 more countries this month so it’s bound to catch up with Sony at least a little bit in the near future. However, Sony Japan will not take this battle lightly and it announced yesterday that it plans to bring some much needed momentum to the Japanese market. “Now the game console market in Japan is behind the US or EU markets in many ways,” said SCE Japan President Atsushi Moritain. “I am aware that I am not perfect as SCEJA President, but we are united as SCEJA trying to really bring the momentum on to the gaming industry here in Japan. We will be listening to your feedback, and we will be bold and we will be speedy in challenging different ideas.”

The Xbox One will officially launch in Japan on September 4th with the other countries to follow later this month.