Sense 6: have you updated your HTC One M7?

AT&T clients that are users of the HTC One M7 must know that the latest user interface, Sense 6, will become available next week. The last year’s device, the HTC One M7 already received the update earlier this week for carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. The smartphone’s user interface suffered some major changes in regards to the camera app, which is a much better one, new recommendation services through the Blinkfeed and power management utilities. Also, with Sense 6, all the apps can be found in Play Store for a better updating process.

Comparing the Touch Wizz interface with the HTC’s ¬†Sense UI, you can quickly observe some differences. The darker color scheme, with white text on the black background is not a random choice of the HTC’s developers. The reason why they chose to use such a dark background is not for the love of the design. The big screens consume a lot of power when they display white pixels, so the black background helps conserve the battery life. The power management utilities on the Sense 6 user interface will help conserve the battery even more. The first smartphone to wear the Sense interface was the HTC Hero was released in 2009 and gave consumers a whole new Android experience. Right now, the devices that already run the Sense 6 UI are: HTC One M8, HTC One, HTC One Max, HTC One Mini, HTC Desire 601 and HTC 816. ¬†Lately, the dark and tasteless interface has improved its colors and it looks a lot more bright and colorful. It is now able to compete with Samsung’s controversial Touch Wizz, on certain levels.

The Blinkfeed, HTC’s most powerful feature, has been updated to include: a smoother experience through continuous scrolling, a new interface, an enhanced sidebar and nearby restaurant recommendations. Also, with Sense 6, the fonts can finally be customizable. The camera app has a new Zoe mode and the gallery has a new interface that allows users to find point of interest locations in Map View. ¬†Furthermore, the HTC Sense TV now shows live sport scores and stats and social media integration. Other small updates have been made to the music app, schedule, mail, message, calendar and phone apps.