Some cool Android Apps you should have!

We bring you some cool Android apps that we think you should have. You can find plenty of app on the app-store that promise much but don’t really deliver after you download them. These android apps however, really work and will provide you with lots of fun and useful features.


If you’re a heavy social media user and like to update your accounts fervently, this app will help you do just that. You can update your Facebook, Google + or even Twitter at the same time with the same status message.

Phongy 3D

The best android app we could find that can take great 3D photoes with any smartphone. The way it works is simple. You simply take the shot and then turn your camera to the right while pointing it towards the same subject. The app will transform the taken picture into a cool 3D photo which you can use as wallpaper or screensaver. Phongy 3D also lets you make GIFs easily.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

It’s like Google Now only better. Well, that’s what some say about it. The best way to find out how good it is is by trying it yourself. The app does everything that Google Now does, only better and once you install it, it will replace Google Now. If Siri and Google Now failed you before, maybe it’s time to give a chance to the Dragon Mobile Assistant.


If you’re like me, you don’t update your address book very often. This is where Addappt comes in. It will keep track of all your contacts on your phone and updates them automatically if a person changes something. Addappt can also sync your contacts with Facebook, Google + or your email address to make the updates even more accurate. The best part is that Addappt is completely free.

Wikipedia Beta

Every students best friend, Wikipedia is available on you mobile device. The beta version of the app is quite stable now but still contains bugs. It’s a useful app nonetheless, especially during finals. If you want to give the app a try, please bear in mind that it’s still in Beta so if you come across a bug, don’t hesitate to share it with the dev team.

Hodor Keyboard

Possibly the most useless android app ever created but with a great sense of humor. If you like Hodor, the loveble giant fellow from the Game of Thrones TV show, you will like this app too. You will be able to write a single “word” with this, fully functional keyboard, perfect for trolling your friends. Some might question the need for such an app, as you can spell out Hodor on any other normal keyboard, but there you have it.

We hope that you will find our list of android apps useful and fun to check out. If you have other apps that you would like to share with us, please mention them in the comment section.