LG G Vista will arrive to Verizon after the G3 this summer

We know from recent rumors that Verizon will start taking pre-orders for the LG G3 from July 10th, but it seems that the G3 won’t be the only LG smartphone to arrive to the carrier this summer. The LG G3 is a powerful, top of the line device, perfect for those who want the latest tech and also have the cash for it. It’s rumored however, that Verizon will receive a mid-range version of the LG G3 in the form of the LG G Vista. Assuming that the talks are true, the Vista will likely appeal to those who like the look of the G3 but don’t need the powerful specs. The model number of the device is VS880 and might be called LG G Pro 2 Lite at different carriers.

We have no exact information about the specs of the LG G Vista yet, although rumors talk about it using a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of RAM. It’s also said that it will use a 5.7-inch display at 1280 x 720px, 3200mAh battery and an 8MP main and 1.3MP secondary camera. On the connectivity side, it will most likely support 4G LTE.

LG’s attempt in making spin-offs of its original flagship isn’t new. Many manufacturers do this, offering a “mini” version of their best devices like the Samsung G4 mini or HTC One mini. The “mini” versions often capture some of the design and features of the original device, but offer lower specs for a lower price. The names of these phones often derive from the name of the high-end model, but this is not always the case as different carriers might sell identical phones under different names.  The Verizon model for example will be called LG G Vista, on other carriers it will be known as the LG G Pro 2 Lite.

These details might change over time as these are only rumors so far and no official statement was made on Verizon’s or LG’s part regarding the LG G Vista. We will report any new information about the device as soon as it becomes available so check back soon. Would you consider buying a lower-end model of the original G3? Tell us in the comment section bellow.