Android 4.4.3 makes its way to the Moto X on Sprint

The Moto X is getting the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update from Sprint soon. Sprint announced on its community page that it will start rolling out the new update in phases so some of you might have to wait a few days until the new firmware is available for your device. When your Moto X is eligible to receive the Android 4.4.3 update, it will appear on your notification bar for download. The update is 400MB in size, so make sure you download it through a secure Wi-Fi network if you want to avoid extra data charges. After your Moto X downloads the update it will take care of the installation automatically.

Don’t worry if your device restarts a few times, this is normal to the process. In case the update notification fails to appear or you want to pull the update manually, head over to Settings>About phone>System update>Check now. A previous update already brought some KitKat specific changes to the Moto X, such as transparent status and navigation bars, full screen album art in the lock screen, cloud printing, white status bar icons, etc. The new Android KitKat update, labeled KXA21.12-L1.22 will bring mostly stability changes. It will enhance the quality of the photos that were taken in low light and will add the ability to pause video recording. It will also bring an updated phone dialer to the Moto X with new colors and graphical layout.

If you happen to own a Moto X from Sprint and already received the update, don’t forget to share your observations with other Moto X users in the comment section. Let us know if you noticed other changes than the ones we listed. As a last advice, if you are about to download or install the new update on your device, don’t forget to charge your phone to at least 50% before attempting the procedure.