Leaked: Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Want Samsung’s Galaxy S6, but need that extra utility only offered by sport-orientated devices? Then Samsung’s latest entry in its ‘Active’ range of devices might be the phone for you. Teased by the US carrier, AT&T, to launch soon – the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will feature all the tech you would usually expect from a sports orientated device. Like the Galaxy S5, this phone will be dust-proof and waterproof. It’ll also be preloaded with Samsung’s fitness app.

Those thinking that the Active will give up on some of the S6’s more sophisticated features can rest easy. Thanks to Samsung’s accidental leak, most of the system’s specs are known. The Active variant of Samsung’s flagship is expected to launch with the same 5.1” Super AMOLED screen (2560 x 1440), Samsung’s octa-core Exynos processor, and 3gb of RAM. Concessions have been made in other areas, though none are particularly surprising. The finger-print reader is no more, and the touch-sensitive capacitive buttons have been replaced with physical keys. The glass back of the device is also gone, replaced by a rubberised bumper – no doubt to help the phone survive those daily bumps and knocks. As mentioned earlier, the device is also certified to withstand water and dust, thanks to its unibody design.  An Active button has been placed on the left side of the phone, which (if like the S5 active) will launch Samsung’s Activity Zone app – which incorporates weather information, barometric information, and a compass.

Neither the release date, nor the price of the device has been revealed – but an official announcement seems imminent. The cosmetic changes may put some people off, but the premium innards, and sporting features make the Active variant of Samsung’s flagship one of the more desirable phones out there.

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