Google takes their OS to the streets with Android Auto

As a company, Google has always made strides to try and change the way we do things. Now, the company is looking to change one more thing: driving.

The company announced at their developer conference a version of the Android OS designed to plug into our cars and help us use our phones in the car called Android Auto. The company focused on how the dangers of texting and driving, and that they were looking for a way to help keep people connected and safe at the same time. Enter Android Auto, which acts essentially as a port of your Android device to the screen in your car. You can access Google Maps for quick navigation, shuffle through your music with ease, and hear and respond to text messages without taking your hands off the wheel. Every part of Android Auto is voice activated, and it will talk back to you as well, so you can navigate through your phone as if it is in your hand, just by speaking to it.

Google Now has been integrated and optimized for use, and notifications and texts, the most common reason people take their eyes off the wheel, are delivered clearly and seamlessly. Android Auto also performs a sort of “takeover” of the car, taking control of all the knobs, dials, and other buttons on the dashboard to match whatever you are doing with your phone. The service seems to be a direct answer to Apple’s CarPlay, a similar service for iPhone users which has already been adopted by many automakers and developers. But, similar to their warring mobile platforms, don’t expect being late to the party will slow Google down. They already announced deals with a good amount of car manufacturers of their own to bring their driving OS to cars by the end of the year, and this should be yet another interesting development in the software war between the two tech giants.

Android Auto has a very good chance to not only make our driving easier and more connected, but safer as well. The new OS will be arriving this fall, with cars integrating it releasing by the end of the year.