Sony rumored to be acquiring Crytek soon

A well known industry insider who goes by the name of Tidux leaked some very interesting info today. According to him, Sony Entertainment is planning on expanding their studios soon. He also mentioned that the company being taken into consideration right now “is in big trouble.” The first studio that comes to mind is Crytek, who has been struggling financially for the last few months, although this was only confirmed a couple of weeks ago. The latest news regarding the matter arrived yesterday when it was announced that the majority of Crytek UK’s employees stopped going to work. But this is not only my assumption, most of the Twitter users also posted comments saying the creators of the Crysis series are the ones Tidux is talking about.

The leaker didn’t seem too keen on revealing this at first, but after several requests from users, he eventually admitted that Crytek is indeed the studio in question. Why is Sony interested in acquiring the company is the big question here. Crytek does have a good reputation in the gaming industry and they are known for developing great titles, but as we’ve mentioned, they’re in pretty big trouble right now. According to Tidux, Sony is “interested in buying a big company for it´s studios, but they are checking if there is any profit to buy this company right now.” Makes sense.

Sony has been in the business for a long time so they know all too well how these things work. If they are indeed planning to acquire Crytek, they have to be sure that the studio can provide them with a healthy source of revenue. I, for one, think they are more than capable of doing that. The company has been very active these last few years and they are working on multiple promising titles as we speak. Most sources are saying that the reason Crytek is struggling right now is because they extended much and made some risky bets that didn’t pay off. Hopefully Sony does help them out because they will also be helping themselves in the process. It never hurts to own a company with a good reputation among gamers, does it? Needles to say, this is still a rumor so it should be taken with the usual grain of salt until Sony confirms it.

Crytek has recently released the free-to-play shooter Warface on Steam. They are also working on Homefront: The Revolution, a spiritual successor to Darksiders that goes by the name of Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, and a promising looking new MOBA called Arena of Fate.