Blizzard reveals top 10 Arcade games for Starcraft 2’s Rock the Cabinet

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the top 10 Arcade games of their Starcraft 2 Rock the Cabinet contest. As part of the contest, players get to check out the ten arcade games and cast their vote for a chance to win some neat Starcraft 2 prizes. Rock the Cabinet is Blizzard’s way of rewarding community created content. Most of the games you’ll find in the Arcade section have been created by players and can even be played for free. In case you don’t own the game, all you have to do is install the Starcraft 2 Starter Edition and jump right in. The top 10 contest entries can be found below.

  • Airstrike: Select your ship, customize its weapons and abilities, and grab some friends in this single player or co-op top down shooter. Blast your way through six levels of mayhem and destruction!
  • GridFall: A fast-paced, free-for-all battle arena where you must use your skills to knock your opponent out of the ring. Be the last one standing to win.
  • Hover: Hover is a frenetic, sports-themed game. Speed past your opponents and score as many goals as you can while you prevent them from scoring themselves. Teamwork and perseverance are essential for victory.
  • Impossible Bosses: Fight as a team to take down dynamic and varied bosses in a fantasy setting. Avoid deadly attacks, support your allies, and purchase from a wide range of power-ups and items to aid you in battle.
  • Iron Fire: Power up your engine of war and clash with iron giants! Choose from an array of fully customizable chassis, configure it with dozens of weapons, utilities, and powers and fight in numerous game modes.
  • Rogue Star Prologue: The first chapter of Rogue Star, a tactical turn based RPG. Take on the role of an exiled Protoss assassin and explore Heretic’s Citadel.
  • Star Party: An energetic board game where skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck will bring you victory. Compete in 13 fun and challenging games against your friends as you try to collect the most stars before time runs out.
  • Templar TV: Team up in this chaotic and satisfying shooter. You and 2 friends will take on round after round of enemies and tough bosses. You’ll need to carefully time when you pick up power-ups to succeed in Templar TV.
  • Ultimate Boss Battles: Partake in epic battles with legendary foes to bring peace to the Koprulu sector. Unlock dozens of weapons and gear to help you defeat the ultimate bosses.
  • Unreal Arena: A team based, capture the flag game. Choose between 7 weapons, various talents, and items and battle in 3 different arenas. Only those with teamwork and skill will succeed.

If you like Starcraft 2 Arcade games definitely check them out and vote for your five favorite ones here for a chance to win Funko Pop! Raynor and Kerrigan Vynil figurines, Zergling/Baneling plushies, and StarCrafts hoodies.