Dragon Ball Xenoverse screenshots show new Super Saiyan fighting the Androids

A fresh batch of Dragon Ball Xenoverse screenshots was released earlier. The images showcase a few familiar characters from Dragon Ball Z as well as a new fighter, nicknamed the Mysterious Warrior by many. Not exactly an original name, but hey, we call it how we see it. Anyway, we’ve seen this red-haired fighter many times before and from what we can tell, he’s very likely to be a character creation. Thus far we know that he comes from the future and can travel back in time, although the means by which he does it are just as mysterious as he is. Dragon Ball Xenoverse reportedly features a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, possibly the very same that appeared in Dragon Ball Z so perhaps that’s how the Mysterious Warrior manages to travel through time.

While we’re not certain about the means, we can tell that he has a clear purpose for doing this. The new screenshots suggest that the warrior can travel to the past and alter events that we’ve already seen in the anime. Some of the images show a very familiar scene from Dragon Ball Z in which Vegeta is fighting Android 17 and Android 18. It seems like the new character traveled to the past just so he can help out the Saiyan Prince with the battle. The screenshots also reveal that the Mysterious Warrior can transform into a Super Sayain as well. At a closer inspection we can see that he is quite reminiscent of Gohan, but borrowing Thunks’ outfit, Piccolo’s signature white cape, and packing a scouter to top it all off. A strange combination indeed.

Elsewhere, Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s protagonist is seen talking to Yamcha in what seems to be West City. This hints that we might be able to freely roam around the world and perhaps even through time. Visiting all our favorite moments from Dragon Ball Z and being a part of them would definitely be awesome. Namco Bandai announced earlier that Dragon Ball Xenoverse will feature fast-paced combat, realistic facial expressions, immersive gameplay, and real-time transformations. Combine that with the stunning visuals, character creation and intriguing premise, and we’ve got ourselves the game Dragon Ball Z fans have been asking for a long time.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and the PS4. A release date was not officially announced yet, but word on the street is that it will arrive sometime during March 2015.