Fallout 4 didn’t show up at QuakeCon, but Doom certainly did

The weekend has come and gone, and this year’s QuakeCon with it. The popular event taking place in Dallas was, as usually the case, more than just a huge LAN party. The event has seen over 3,000 gamers battling it out in various tournaments, and has also been the meeting place for many industry insiders and key players. iD Software was obviously there, Bethesda was there, and even hardware manufacturers (such as the guys at Alienware) made an appearance. Overall, fans of QuakeCon were extremely pleased with this year’s event. But what about those that stayed home?

Well, many fans of Bethesda were hoping for a Fallout 4 announcement at QuakeCon. This was unlikely to happen, as the event isn’t really suitable for announcing a single-player game. Add to that the fact that Pete Hines, Bethesda’s spokesperson mentioned a few months ago that Bethesda “would not be announcing any major games for a long time”, and the possibility of seeing Fallout 4 at QuakeCon seemed even slimmer. Well, as expected, the game didn’t make an appearance and was not even remotely mentioned. Gamescon perhaps? Also unlikely.


That being said, there’s still something we can take away from the event in Dallas this year. While Fallout 4 was a no-show, we’ve certainly gotten a glimpse at the upcoming Doom, and it’s certainly grim and gory. The line for the event was phenomenal, and Doom seemed to peak the highest interest at the event by far. That’s not exactly surprising, given the pedigree of the franchise and the fact that we haven’t had a Doom game in close to a decade. We were unfortunately unable to attend, but PC Gamer was on the scene and seemed to be more than impressed with what’s been shown. That goes for the rest of the participants on scene too.

If however Doom’s gruesome FPS gameplay doesn’t tickle your fancy and you’re still crying out for some RPG love (yes, we’d like to see Fallout 4 too), at least you can take comfort knowing that Steam currently has some extremely good sales on many Bethesda titles. Up for grabs today is Skyrim, which has gotten a 75% price-cut, making the as cheap as 3,74€. The Legendary Edition of Skyrim is also affordable today, costing only 10,19€. Other notable discounts are applied on The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Morrowind, both at 75% off, while the recently released MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online is down 50%, costing 27,49€. And if you really want to catch up with Bethesda games, well, there’s the ultimate QuakeCon bundle up for grabs – at 92,99€, the bundle includes some epic good games, such as Fallout 2, ESO: Imperial Edition, Skyrim, all the Doom games and even the newly release Wolfenstein: The New Order.