Destiny Beta is back early for both PS4 and the Xbox One

The Destiny Beta was supposed to undergo a two day maintenance in preparation for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 launch. However, it seems that maintenance was finished earlier that anticipated so Bungie decided to just go ahead and start early. Everyone who pre-ordered the game can jump in and play this time around including PS3 and PS4 owners. Redeem the code you got from Bungie and you will receive two extra Beta keys to  invite a couple of buddies to tag along. As a side note, all three Beta keys are only available for the version of Destiny you pre-ordered.

Bungie says that anyone who participates in the Beta will receive a special reward even if they only joined today. They also mention that a permanent reward will be given to anyone playing Destiny on July 26th. The company has a bit of bad news as well however, and it’s related to the Xbox One version of the game. It seems that some players are encountering Party Stabilization errors, but there is a very easy fix for that fortunately. “If encountering Party Stabilization errors on Xbox One: try turning off your console, fully unplugging, then plugging in and trying again,” Bungie advises.

But that might not be the only issue plaguing the Xbox One. There is also a bug that says Destiny is “ready to start” way before the download reaches 100%. If you happen to encounter this problem make sure the game is actually fully downloaded before you try to start it otherwise it wont work. “Your download is likely not corrupted, and happily downloading in the background,” Bungie explains. “Please wait to launch Destiny until it is 100% downloaded. To monitor the progress of your Destiny Beta download, please navigate to the Games & Apps tile from the Xbox One home screen”. Last but not least, the company also mentions that “Xbox Live Gold trials work to download and play the Destiny Beta on Xbox One, but NOT on the Xbox 360 where players need full access to Gold.”

Overall it looks like the Xbox One Destiny Beta was not exactly a smooth launch, but some problems are always to be expected, especially with an MMO of this size. The PlayStation version also had a few problems back when it was first released, but most of them should be fixed by now so let’s hope that Bungie can do the same for the Xbox as well.