New Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer is jam packed with blood and gore

Back at E3 2014 Deep Silver announced Dead Island 2, the sequel to the highly successful survival horror developed by Techland. The cinematic trailer released then is extremely entertaining and presents a game that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Unlike its predecessor, Dead Island 2 doesn’t try to be all that dark and scary, opting instead to go for a more cheerful atmosphere. The action takes place is shiny California and things are much more colorful this time around. Perhaps even too colorful considering that this is a zombie game after all, but I guess this is just the new developer’s way of making a statement. Yager Development have created a world jam packed with undead lurking at every corner and are offering players the possibility of killing them in brand new and creative ways.

The latest trailer released earlier entitled “Sunshine & Slaughter” presents just that. The protagonist is seen not only decapitating and blowing up enemies with shotguns, but also using some more unconventional ways of getting rid of the zombies. These include a freezing gun, a medieval-looking mace, a boat propeller, and some sort of chain-lighting gun. Of course, Dead Island 2 also features more traditional weapons such as chainsaws, machetes, sledgehammers, axes, machine guns, and more. Alternatively, you can just use your bare hands as they seem to be quite effective in certain situations judging by the trailer. Bottom line is that there’s definitely a wide variety of weapons to kill zombies with and that’s all we really want at the end of the day.

Dead Island 2’s visuals are also top-notch thanks to the Unreal Engine and the trailer only showcases pre-alpha footage so the final game will presumably look even better. Dead Island 2 will be released next Spring for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the PC.