Samsung Galaxy Alpha to arrive on Wednesday

The fact that Samsung was often criticized for using plastic instead of metal to build their smartphone’s chassis led to the development of a new and improved all-metal Galaxy S5. Rumors about its launch date kept on popping-out from everywhere, until now when an exciting rumor revealed that the Galaxy Alpha will be released on Wednesday. That’s indeed sooner than anyone expected, considering some previous rumors suggested Samsung didn’t have the technology that’s necessary to build it, and it’s struggling to increase the resolution and fit all the hardware into an aluminum chassis.

Apparently, this new info about the Alpha being launched in a couple of days is far from being a rumor. The information came out along with a Korean media report that cited Samsung, so it must be correct, right? We surely hope so, because getting our hands on an all-metal S5 would be fantastic, to say the least. Latest reports suggested the Galaxy Alpha will feature Samsung’s new Exynos octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage and run the Android 4.4 KitKat. So apart from the great features Samsung accustomed us with until now, the new flagship will stop, once and for all, every comparison between iPhone’s metal body and the plastic bodies every Samsung smartphone had until now.

One issue was indeed very discussed lately, namely the fact that Samsung is also prepping to introduce the most-expected Galaxy Note 4 next month, and how will everyone react when they face not one, but two new Samsung smartphones. The answer is, almost every time from what we could tell, that everyone is more that excited to see them and try them out. Many considered Samsung is going over its capabilities by trying to make two devices in such a short time, saying it’s impossible. Perhaps this is why many rumors said the Alpha will not be ready until after the Galaxy Note 4 is launched and the market is prepared to meet the upgraded S5.

Whether the Galaxy Alpha will somehow steal the spotlight from its older sibling is not a certainty, perhaps there are some who prefer the elegant black plastic and will go for this model instead of the metal one. The fact that the Galaxy S5 has made a name for itself during its reign on the market says a lot, so no matter how extraordinary the Galaxy Alpha will be, S5 sales won’t drop as dramatically as many would think. The issue regarding Galaxy Alpha diminishing the impact the Note 4’s launch will have in September is also of less importance. The two devices are different and there’s no use in choosing which one is better, because there a line between smartphone and phablet that cannot be crossed. Regarding competition, well, that’s always up to you to decide.