Cyanogen releases the OnePlus One ROM to Android devices

Everybody who has worked with the OnePlus One exclusive phone has said that they were impressed with the Cyanogen ROM on it, and everyone who hasn’t held the phone in their hands, said they want one. Well, maybe not everyone, but quite a few, that’s for sure. Even I was impressed by the UI on the OnePlus One because it looks sleek and simple, something I can only get with different launchers on my Android device. But Cyanogen thought: why not release our mod to any device running Android?

A clever dev has created a conversion kit which will help you port all the extra OnePlus One options to any device running CyanogenMod 11. That means that you can import the camera, the clever Hexo theme, lockscreen, Screencast, PrivacyGuard,  WhisperPush and the AudioFX app. The dev in question has had many successes in changing flagships like the HTC One, several Google Nexus devices, Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 3. The mod also works on tablets like the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Note 10.1 and more.

The only non-working elements of the Cyanogen mod are the off-screen gestures, which remain exclusive to the OnePlus One. The rest of the conversion made possible by the dev run reportedly flawlessly on devices running the Cyanogenmod 11. The only issue with the mod is that any device you want to port it to requires to be rooted, which means you will void your warranty by doing so.

You shouldn’t forget that rooting phones does causes problems sometimes, so a backup of your data is absolutely mandatory before rooting your device. If you want the Cyanogen mod, though, you can install it with the use of the HighOn Android OnePlus One Conversion Kit. You also have to install ClockworkMod or TWRP. If you’re not sure how to put the conversion kit to use, HighOn Android has a simple guide for you here.