Microsoft and the HoloLens

Technology in gaming is advancing faster than predicted. Games are becoming more life-like. At the same time, the next-gen consoles allow to players edit and record videos while on their consoles. Currently making its way into the trend of gaming is holographic computing.  Like the Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s new HoloLens will allow them to compete in the Virtual Reality market.

Flashback to January where Microsoft was unveiling some of their new products for the year. Fortune said that included with the HoloLens was Windows 10. Windows 10 was described as, “will work with Microsoft’s gaming program, Xbox Live, to let gamers record, edit and share moments from their own games while also streaming games from an Xbox One console to any PC or tablet within their home.”That’s something to look forward to. It makes the editing session more mobile, even easier to do. Now, Microsoft describes the HoloLens as, “a wireless holographic computer headset with see-through lenses and advanced sensors that lets users see and manipulate three-dimensional computer-generated images.”

Flash forward to April. Some changes have taken place in the development of the HoloLens. According to VentureBeat, John Needham, the head of Fable developer Lionhead Studios, to oversee the development of the HoloLens. The author notes that, “While HoloLens isn’t a VR device, it is capable of some of the same kinds of tricks as Oculus Rift or the PlayStation Morpheus.” Microsoft was able to show a few concepts, including using the HoloLens for Minecraft. The idea is that players would be able to construct various items from the confines of their living room. Even build with just a flick of the finger.

SiliconAngle doesn’t consider the HoloLens to be apart of VR tech. The way they defended this was saying, “HoloLens is not virtual reality, a technology that perhaps has best become known through Oculus VR and its headset Oculus Rift, but it will probably be where Microsoft mounts a challenge to such fantastic gaming experiences. “They added it would be interesting to see how it would change the scope of gaming.

The VR market has turned into a race. Ever since the Oculus Rift was released, companies have been scrambling to utilize the technology for gaming. Time will tell if this will truly change the face of Xbox gaming.