Elite: Dangerous will be shown at Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer Expo, which takes place in London from the 25th to the 28th of September will bring several Virtual Reality titles to the public’s attention. After the announcement that Oculus Rift will have its own booth at the show, several VR games were announced to be part of the lineup. One of these games is a space combat game named “Elite: Dangerous”, created by Frontier Development.

Currently, there is a beta version of the game available on the official website. It can be bought for 60 Euros and the developer guarantees that the gamers who buy this version will have access to all Beta development stages and will receive a download copy of the game once it is released. In addition to the demo, the game can be played at Eurogamer Expo. The developer promotes Elite:Dangerous as a huge game, with 400 billion star systems to explore. Each real star is present in the virtual world of the game and the players will be able to explore their planetary systems and moon. The game is a huge MMO which offers players endless choices. Basically, you can create your own story. Frontier Development states that the game leaves players off in a small craft and with little money and it’s up to them to get rich and purchase new ships and weapons.

Oculus Rift is not the only Virtual Reality device out there. Sony has also experimented with the technology and created their own VR headset, codenamed Project Morpheus. The headset is not available to the general public yet, but it has been tested by experts who claim that, except for the display, Morpheus is ahead of Oculus. The difference between the two is that Sony’s device is optimized for use with Playstation consoles, while Oculus is for the PC.