2K games announces Big Alpha for “Evolve”

2K games begins a new session of alpha testing for “Evolve”. Their new game, of which few details are known so far, was shown at PAX, where attendees could play the game and receive an invitation to register for a change to participate at the closed alpha. 2K doesn’t reveal too much about the new “Evolve” alpha, except that it’s going to be big. People who wish to participate in the alpha and couldn’t attend PAX might still have a chance. For that, they will have to follow Evolve on Twitter and Facebook and to follow the Turtle Rock Studios forums, where the developer will offer additional chances to register.

Evolve is developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who are also known for Left 4 Dead. The game will be a multiplayer shooter. It was first announced in February 2014, with a slated fall release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. However, the developer felt like they needed more time to complete the game so they postponed it to February 10, 2015. Fortunately, they were working with 2K, a publisher that was more than understanding and agreed to allow them some extra time in order to come out with a quality game. Or at least that’s what Turtle Rock claims.

What we know about Evolve so far is that it blends cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences. A team of four players will hunt down a single, player-controlled monster. During the 4v1 match, those who play as the hunters will experience Evolve in first person, while the player who controls the monster will see the world in third person perspective. The monster character has savage abilities and an animalistic sense. The hunters are divided in four classes: Trapper, Support, Assault and Medic. The matches will take place on planet Shear, where, according to the developer, both plants and animals act as an adversary to both the four man team and the monster. 2K wants Evolve to be entertaining and to keep players hooked up, as this is their first new IP on next gen consoles and they count on its success. So, for those who want to purchase it, remember, the game comes out in February 10, 2015, for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.