Run Like Hell! coming out for PS Vita this month

Run Like Hell! is yet another PlayStation Vita game from Polish developer Mass Creation, also known for making Draw Slasher. Run Like Hell! will be available through the PlayStation Store on September 16 in North America and September 17 in Europe.

Run Like Hell! is a side-scrolling action platformer where players take on the role of a fearless treasure hunter. The action takes place on a tropical island inhabited by an unfriendly local tribe of hungry cannibals. A rather nasty bunch of people. You will “Jump through hoops, slide under obstacles, and escape the pursuit while admiring a vivid tropical island in hand-drawn graphics through procedural generated levels”. So is it a 2D version of Temple Run? Sort of, but it has its own flavour added to the mix. The game will include that “procedural generation” mentioned above, so you might expect some replay value. Different levels will take you through  jungles, villages, caverns and on the beach. All of these will be included in a span of 50 levels to which the developers have promised to add a “much cooler thank you might expect” bonus level.

Run Like Hell! will feature several modes of gameplay, namely:

  • The Great Escape: classic story-mode;
  • Arcade: endless run on various locations;
  • Online Mode: containing Versus, Tournaments and Challenges. You can also choose a “preferable runner from 12 characters” in this mode, as well as 50 objectives to complete.

Run Like Hell! promises diversity and non-repetitive gameplay. The official announcement stirred an average response from PlayStation Vita owners, complaining about the “simplicity” of what looks like a game designed for mobile phones but there might still be hope with its online mode feature. Whenever in doubt, add competitive gameplay to a fast-paced action platformer and cross your fingers. It might actually work out for the best! And then there are additional character designs that can be unlocked like Ninja or Zombie. Well played… Well played…