Bravely Second Villains Revealed This Week

Bravely Second is the upcoming sequel to hit JRPG Bravely Default. To help give fans a little of insight about the upcoming title, two villains from the anticipated game have been revealed.

In this week’s issue of Jump (seen here), two of the game’s villains were shown: Emperor Oblivion and Anne. Emperor Oblivion is an unidentified masked man who controls a powerful military force, with which he spreads war. He attacks the Orthodoxy and Principality Peace Signing Ceremony, and kidnaps Agnes from the original Bravely Default. Accompanying Emperor Oblivion is a mysterious fairy named Anne, who wears jet black clothing. According to Jump, she has a relentless side that can peek out of her at times.

Sequel to Bravely Default, Bravely Second will play similar to its predecessor. The game’s story picks up several years after the first Bravely title, and features a brand new protagonist. Talks for Bravely Second started in 2012, but it was not until a year later that the game was officially announced, once again in the pages of Jump. The game will still keep the same anime art style, though the characters will look a little less chibi.

The first game of the series, Bravely Default, released in Japan in 2012. The game did not come stateside until earlier this year. The title was well received in both Japan and around the world. The spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light,  Bravely Default revolves around four heroes: Agnes Oblige, Ringabel, Edea Lee, and Tiz Arrior. An improvement for the title dubbed For the Sequel released a year after the original. This version of the game was the basis for the global release.

Bravely Second has no definitive release date as of yet, as well as whether or not the title will be released outside of Japan. Bravely Second will release on the Nintendo 3DS. Along with the character reveals, it was mentioned that a demo version of the game would be released very shortly.

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