The release date for Watch Dogs on Wii U is confirmed

Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs will be released on Wii U on November 18. The company promises that this version of the game will feature Off-TV Play, allowing users to play the game only on the GamePad. Also, the company states that its Bucharest studio, who worked on this Watch Dogs port, managed to implement an interactive map of Chicago that will be displayed on the GamePad during gameplay.

Watch Dogs puts players in the shoes of Aiden Pierce, a brilliant hacker and vigilante, whose niece, Lena, was murdered. Now he is hunting for those responsible, while protecting the remaining members of his family. Ubisoft’s, open-world hacking game is played from a third person perspective. The missions are linear scenarios with set objectives. However, players are allowed to free roam around Chicago, from the beginning of the game, with no restrictions.

Watch Dogs was released in May for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. According to Ubisoft, this is the last mature game they will release on the Wii U. The company believes that Nintendo fans don’t buy their games, as they prefer less-serious titles such as Just Dance. As I stated before, Ubisoft is working on a yet undisclosed Wii U title, but they won’t release it until the console’s fan-base is extended. At the moment, most Wii U users are Nintendo fans and are happy with the games the Japanese company offers them.

So far, Watch Dogs was met with mixed to positive opinions from critics, but gamers tend to incline in the other direction, stating that the game is below what Ubisoft promised to deliver. The Wii U version plans on improving the game. Ubisoft’s Romanian studio made use of the console’s technology and implemented a couple of features that are not present on the competition’s platforms.