Divinity: Original Sin DLC brings two new companions

Today, Larian Studios launches a new update for Divinity: Original Sin. The update contains a patch that fixes several issues with the game and a DLC containing two new companions.

The new companions are Bairdotr, a loyal ranger who finds herself in some trouble at the Legion barracks, and Wolgraff, a rogue who is caught in a hustle after stealing coins from a wishing well. Unfortunately, the new characters can only be recruited if you start a new game, so those who are already playing the game will have to start from scratch if they want Bairdotr or Wolgraff.

Larian further describes these new characters. Bairdotr is on a quest to save Homeforest. She has to rescue the druid of the forest and, in the process, she follows a trail of clues that take her to the heart of the Rivellon’s Source conspiracy. Wolgraff, on the other side, lost his voice when he was a child, and thus could not follow his dream of becoming a Source Hunter. That led to him becoming a rogue and stealing from the rich for his own gain. For more details on the new companions, you can watch the video Larian released on their Kickstarter update page.

“The Bear and The Burgler” DLC is now available through Steam or GOG.com for free. The new companions, as I said before, appear in Cyseal, but only after your start a new game following the download of the new update. An important error fix present in the update improves the game’s co-op experience. The latest update will change the dialogue system in co-op mode. According to Larian, now, instead of having to read every dialogue when it displays over your teammate’s head, you can access the whole conversation in its own dialogue box.

Larian Studios ensure that they will release further updates for Divinity: Original Sin. According to the developer, they will release an update in the coming weeks, containing several new skills and a variety of difficulty modes that will make the game more challenging.