Samurai Warriors 4 new characters revealed

Developer Tecmo Koei revealed several new characters that will be present in “Samurai Warriors 4”. The next instalment to the franchise is already out in Japan on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita since March 2014 and on Playstation 4 since September 4, 2014. The international release of all versions will take place on October 21, 2014. Samurai Warriors 4 is a hack and slash game, just like its predecessor, Samurai Warriors 3. This game also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the series.

Samurai Warriors was initially developed as a spin-off to another famous game series, Dynasty Warriors. In February 2004, the first game in the Samurai serie was released for Playstation 2. The game sold more than 1 million copies in its first month, in Japan. According to developer Tecmo Koei, the game has grown ever since, and each instalment came with new characters. Koei state that they decided to listen to their fans and they not only brought new characters in for Samurai Warriors 4, but also updated several fan favourite characters from the previous games. For those who are acquainted to these games, the updated characters include Yoshitugu Otani, Toshije, Maeda and Ava, among others.

In the teaser, Tecmo Koei showcases three new characters, named Takatora Todo, Kagakatsu Uesugi and Munenori Yagyu (I know, these names sound weird, but the game is mostly intended for the Japanese market so we can’t complain about it). The developer states that, in addition to new characters, they modified the battle system in order to create the best possible combat. They exemplify this through presenting several improvements from Samurai Warriors 4. One of these examples is the addition of Hyper Attacks, which combine rapid movement on the battlefield with high-powered attacks. Players will also have the ability to switch between characters in real-time. The developer acknowledges that the platforms the game is released on differ through graphical capabilities, but states that the core essence and fun of the game is identical, so players can choose whichever platform suits them better. They also add that the DLC and save data are transferable and can be shared. This allows users to play the game on the PS Vita while they are away and then resume the game on another platform at home.

Tecmo Koei announced that they intend to expand the Samurai Warriors franchise into mediums such as anime and manga and they assure fans that they will announce them once they will have more news regarding this.