Kojima is considering an episodic release for Silent Hills

Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Studios, the developer who is making Silent Hills, made an interesting statement during Tokyo Game Show. Apparently, they are considering the possibility of releasing the game in an episodic format. Kojima says that the team looked at how television seasons were scheduled and thought about releasing Silent Hills in several episodes, just like Telltale’s “Walking Dead”. So far, this remains just one of Kojima’s numerous ideas and there is no confirmation that it’s going to happen.

Also, at the same Tokyo gaming event, Kojima presented a brand new teaser trailer for Silent Hills. The trailer shows in-game footage that players who tried out the PS4 playable teaser are familiar with. Kojima presented the new teaser as a “concept movie”. It features the same environment from the playable teaser, but way more scary. In short, all sorts of creatures are coming out of the walls, you get to see scary children’s toys, bloody handprints and a monster that wants to kill you.

During Kojima’s presentation, a pre-recorded video of Guillermo del Toro was shown. In this, the director explained how he got involved in the project. He stated that he and Kojima spoke about concepts at the developer’s Tokyo headquarters. Later on, he was sent the first version of the playable teaser that was released to the public. Del Toro loved it and helped Kojima improve it. The director ends his statement by promising that they have the ideas and the tools to make an incredibly intense and scary game. And by the looks of that trailer, he means business.

The big question is, will Silent Hills manage to bring the franchise back to its former glory? That is something that remains to be seen. Right now, the major complain from fans is regarding Kojima’s choice to make the game First Person instead of the usual Third Person from previous installments. If I were to give my two cents, I’d say that Kojima made the right call here. The game is much scarier when you see everything through the protagonist’s eyes.