Bioware releases another teaser for their mysterious new project

Have you ever found yourself walking through a back yard and all of a sudden you saw a house sitting in the middle of a smoldering crater? No? Well, the protagonist of Bioware’s latest teaser, “Impact” certainly did. Upon witnessing such a sight one would probably be inclined to call the police or just run home, unless the person’s house isn’t at the bottom of the said crater of course. However, the young woman featured in the video doesn’t do any of those and instead keeps repeating “it’s not my fault” to herself. Similar to the previous “Nightmare” and “Spark” teasers, “Impact” also has a very creepy vibe going on. But what exactly are we looking at here?

Well, Bioware is working on a brand new project which presumably goes by the name of Shadow Realms (Yu-Gi-Oh anyone?). Aside from that, we know next to nothing about this game, but we can speculate on a few things nevertheless. With every new trailer being more surreal than the last, it’s pretty safe to assume that everything will take place in our dreams, or rather, our nightmares. This very fact is heavily emphasized in the first teaser where the protagonist is shown waking up from a terrible nightmare at the end. Also, the words “you’ve been chosen” keep appearing every time and Bioware even created a website with that name. But chosen for what? Sadly, we do not know.

But we will find out more about this mysterious new title at Gamescom according to Bioware. The latest teaser reveals that a special fan event will be held Wednesday, August 13th in Cologne, Germany and is scheduled to start at 3PM CEST. Luckily, there will also be a live stream on Twitch starting at 4PM CEST for those of us who can’t make it to Gamescom.