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Just Cause 3 at Gamescom

Rico Rodriguez returns in Just Cause 3 with a vengeance, and at Gamescom, a new gameplay trailer for the game was unveiled. As usual, another dictator is the main antagonist, and he wants to burn down the town of Costa del Porto and basically kill a bunch of people. Naturally, Rico will have to stop ...

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Rise of the Tomb Raider at Gamescom

A new gameplay trailer of Rise of the Tomb Raider was shown off at Gamescom, this time putting Lara Croft in a jungle environment. In it, it is revealed that you will be going up against a mysterious organization known as Trinity, who is far better armed than the band of shipwrecked band of Solarii ...

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Halo Wars 2 announced at Gamescom

While no gameplay was shown off, a short cinematic trailer of Halo Wars 2 set the tone for where the new game will be taking the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire. As most trailers start off these days, a wounded Marine was being dragged by his fellow Marine, firing his pistol at an ...

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Homefront: The Revolution at Gamescom

While Homefront on the last gen consoles had an interesting premise, where North Korea successfully invaded and occupied a large amount of the continental United States, the game failed to stand out from a gameplay standpoint. In Homefront: The Revolution though, things are promised to change. For starters, there will be a co-op element to ...

Halo 5: Guardians at Gamescom

As expected, the flagship title of Xbox showed off another gameplay trailer, this time mostly concentrated on multiplayer. As such, a lot of the trailer showed off things like shotgun sliding and ground pounding, a clear indication of the faster gameplay that 343 Industries is focusing on. Once the trailer was over, some gameplay of ...

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Crackdown 3 at Gamescom 2015

The long awaited continuation of the Crackdown series debuted a trailer at Gamescom, which was rather short, but revealed a significant new gameplay mechanic being added into the series. Like the other games in the Crackdown universe, you take on the role of an Agent in your fight against crime. Unlike the other games in the ...

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Quantum Break at Gamescom 2015

For the first time since Quantum Break was unveiled at E3 with a trailer many years ago, some Quantum Break gameplay was unveiled at Microsoft’s briefing at Gamescom 2015. For starters, it is a cover based third person shooter not unlike Gears of War. Unlike Gears of War though, cover isn’t quite as important, though ...

PT Is Being Sold On eBay

A number of listings have surfaced on eBay advertising Playstation 4 consoles with the acclaimed “PT” pre-installed on them. The “playable teaser” was removed from the Playstation Store on Wednesday following Konami’s fall-out with Hideo Kojima, and the eventual cancellation of Silent Hills. Not all hope is lost for those yet to experience the terror ...