Just Cause 3 at Gamescom

Gratuitous explosions ahoy!

Rico Rodriguez returns in Just Cause 3 with a vengeance, and at Gamescom, a new gameplay trailer for the game was unveiled. As usual, another dictator is the main antagonist, and he wants to burn down the town of Costa del Porto and basically kill a bunch of people. Naturally, Rico will have to stop him, though the dictator apparently has Rico’s friend hostage and will kill him if Rico tries to prevent the destruction of the town.

Look at how happy he is, ordering the death and destruction of others.

As usual, Rico will have his parachute and handy dandy grappling hook that can tether any two things together, whether it be people and objects or objects and objects. In addition to his grappling hook, Rico got his hands on a wingsuit, which lets him behave like a flying squirrel and fly without the use of an engine or a fear of bodily harm. This will likely mean that you won’t necessarily have to steal a helicopter to get around like in previous games, though you can still do so of course.

Why would a hero with a bat like suit not need guns?

While the gameplay looks pretty much like a better looking and performing version of the previous games, this in no way is a bad thing. Open world mayhem that lets you hijack any vehicle while blowing up bridges, walls, and likely many other things as well usually isn’t a bad thing after all. As implied by the trailer, the environment will be much more destructible than before, and a whole arsenal of new weapons will make this easier. Besides, the only thing better than firing one rocket at a helicopter is firing one rocket that splits into many other rockets.

Things not pictured: realism, common sense, fear of explosive canisters, boredom.

Just Cause 3 is slated to come out on December 1st.

That was a gas station, nuff said.

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