Crackdown 3 at Gamescom 2015

The long awaited continuation of the Crackdown series debuted a trailer at Gamescom, which was rather short, but revealed a significant new gameplay mechanic being added into the series. Like the other games in the Crackdown universe, you take on the role of an Agent in your fight against crime. Unlike the other games in the series however, environmental destruction is coming to Crackdown 3. This means that if you want to level entire buildings, go ahead. Of course, the AI can exploit this to some degree as well, as a well placed rocket can destroy the bridge that you are standing on or remove whatever cover you happened to be hiding behind.

I didn’t like that building anyways. Or the 50 guys inside it.

While more in depth details on environmental destruction weren’t elaborated on, it is claimed that everything in the city can be destroyed with the proper amount of explosives. So while you could jump up hundreds of stories to try and get to someone, you could also simply force the building down. The possibilities in this are potentially endless, at least if the Battlefield series is any indication, so if some pesky sniper is giving you trouble, simply bring down the whole building. If some group of criminals is trying to ambush you, bring down the whole building. If there is any kind of problem, chances are that bringing down a building on top of it is a good idea.

Blow it up, blow it all up.

The trailer ended with a line that stated “Multiplayer begins Summer 2016.”

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