The Order: 1886 – new trailer reveals Weaponry in action

Upcoming PS4 title, The Order: 1886, promises to be the action-adventure shooter with an old school touch and next-gen detail. The game is currently in development at Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studios, and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is expected to come out on February 20, next year, exclusively on Playstation 4. The Order: 1886 has an alternate history action theme which takes us back in good old eerie London, somewhere around the eighth century. Here, a small number of humans suffer a mysterious metamorphosis which turns them into supernatural beasts. The battle between humans and these half breeds goes on for centuries, taking us in the times of King Arthur and the Industrial Revolution.

Returning to current events, The Order: 1886 developers released a new trailer entitled “Tools of the Trade”, in which they reveal intriguing behind the scenes footage. They introduce us with the weapons used in the game, their sources of inspiration, and a little bit of gameplay to showcase the fire power at work. Nikola Tesla is one of the big names we will see in The Order: 1886, as the mad scientist that provides the Order of the Knights custom made weaponry, explosives and other revolutionary devices. Players will be able to make use of these tricky tools and weapons to get the upper hand in the war against the half-breeds, such as electricity based rifles, shotguns with exploding fireballs, and many more.

The developers from Ready at Dawn Studios shared a comprehensive presentation on this aspect of the game on the official Playstation blog saying that “some of these weapons were even purposely designed to feel somewhat dangerous not only to your target but to the user as well. We made sure they retained the feeling that they were still in their prototype stage and being field tested. This also reinforced something that was true of the era as often inventions and innovations would find themselves in use well before they were deemed safe to the public, very much unlike the stringent testing and safety regulations that are required today.” That being said, The Order: 1886 is one of the games to put on your shortlist for 2015. Watch the new “Tools of the Trade” trailer below: