LG might be developing a new smartwatch – or not.

The LG G Watch R smartwatch was introduced at IFA at the beginning of September and many have expressed appreciation for the smartwatch design, praising the fully round display. The LG G Watch R is a smartwatch that aims to impress mostly with the round design it employs, rivaled by the Moto 360 and Martian smartwatch editions. It seems that LG is not content with just one smartwatch release.

Rumors say that a new smartwatch from LG has appeared at the FCC, showing a new rectangular design and most importantly, Verizon 3G connectivity. We don’t know whether the new smartwatch will be using Android Wear or some other OS, but we can expect LG to stay in line with current trends and run Android Wear. The smartwatch model number is LG-VC100 and there aren’t any details on its specs available yet.

We do know that the watch will measure 57.7×35.5mm, which is pretty big. Taking a look at these measurements and doing a bit of research on LG’s smartwatch and wearable device portfolio, we came across a rather interesting discovery. The 3G enabled LG smartwatch might not be new at all. It seems that a device that looks exactly like the patents discovered at the FCC and measures the same 57.7×35.5mm as listed for the LG-VC100 already exists and its called the Kizon child tracker.

The Kizon smartwatch is a device made specifically for children, with colorful designs and no interface whatsoever. The main purpose of the Kizon smartwatch is to help parents keep track of their kids via GPS and talk to them via 3G. The Kizon smartwatch has a button the kids can press, called the one step direct call, which calls the childrens’ parents when pressed. he Kizon packs 64MB of RAM, 2G and 3G cellular radios, and a battery that can last up to 36 hours on a single charge. The Kizon smartwatch was announced back in July in South Korea, but we don’t have any information on pricing.

It seems that the Kizon is the new LG smartwatch coming Verizon’s way, seeing as the FCC patents show the same type of device and the sizes of the two smartwatch editions from LG do match up pretty good. We don’t know for sure yet, but since the Kizon was said to arrive to the U.S. this Fall, it is likely that a Verizon 3G smartwatch from LG was a false alarm. Nonetheless, there still exists the possibility of LG bringing an entirely new smartwatch to the U.S. market. We are waiting for more information on the subject at the moment, so we’ll keep you posted.

In any case, would you be interested in the Kizon child tracker? Or do you think that kids these days don’t need a smartwatch or a phone, for that matter? If the Kizon has no display and no serious interacting possibilities, acting more like a bracelet, would you buy it for your kids or would still be skeptical?