OPPO N3 to be available with two different builds

We had reported earlier that the OPPO N3 was going to be made out of aerospace grade materials, which will make it not only durable, but light and maneuverable. These rumors have been confirmed and the OPPO N3 will probably be made out of an aluminium lithium alloy.

We don’t know much about the actual specs the OPPO N3 will sport, but we expect to see at least a 16 MP camera and maybe a 64 bit CPU since OPPO is obviously suggesting that OPPO N3 will be a future-proof phone. A release date for the OPPO N3 is set for October 29, which is pretty far away, leaving room for further information to get leaked. Nonetheless, the build quality of the OPPO N3 is turning out to be very interesting.

It seem that not only will the OPPO N3 be made out of aluminium lithium, but out of stainless steel as well. OPPO has released a new teaser poster for the OPPO N3, which details two different back covers of the device, advertising the different features each will carry. The aluminium lithium body will make for a very light device, whilst the stainless steel chassis will favor durability and ruggedness, instead of lightness.

It’s interesting that OPPO is choosing to market the build quality of the OPPO N3 more than what actually made the N3, the OPPO N1’s successor popular. We picked up on the OPPO N3 because its predecessor, the OPPO N1 came with a rotating 13 MP camera you won’t find on many other phones and renders of the OPPO N3 suggested an improved rotating sensor. You would expect the company to focus on this unique feature of the OPPO N3 rather than on build materials, which aren’t that interesting to be honest. I wonder if the shift in balance has anything to do with the camera having issues or with the fact that OPPO might have not improved the rotating camera on the OPPO N3.

Although the OPPO N3 is said to be the phone of the future, suggested by the posters and teasers from the company, we remain uncertain about what this new device will bring to the market. There’s not much time left until the OPPO event on October 3, so keep your socks on, because we will be finding out new information soon, hopefully.