The Evil Within gets new trailer with three minutes of gameplay action

Another week kicks off with new The Evil Within goodies, courtesy of the interactive Bethesda blog. With a permanent desire to keep us in the loop, developers have prepared another gameplay spoiler to get us going even more in our relentless chase for chills and sleepless heart-pounding nights in front of the PC or gaming console. Poor detective Sebastian Castellanos will certainly have his hands full with fighting, evading, and slashing those evil hideous creatures that lie ahead, or behind, frantically chasing him with a fully-throttled chainsaw, as revealed in this new trailer. While playing the skilled detective you will have to choose your battles carefully, knowing when to run and when to trade carving knives instead of punches with the “undead”, will play an important role in The Evil Within.

The world within is alterable depending on the player’s actions, which will create new paths and locations. Detective Castellanos will be able to use medical items to restore his health, which will sometimes cause hallucinogenic effects. I guess seeing pink elephants, or in this case imaginary Hannibal Lecter butchers, and being able to stay alive is well worth it. Here’s a blog description: “Making your way through The Evil Within is no walk in the park. In order to survive, it’s important to learn how the game’s systems can play in your favor. Taking advantage of resources, managing ammo, and simply knowing when it’s time to run away can help stave off death for a moment longer.” This gameplay footage gives details on how to stay hidden in order to sneak in for a proper grab and slash kill, how to avoid in-game traps, or how to be creative and turn obstacles into assets.

Throughout the game, a box of matches will come in handy as you will have to torch the living hell out of the monstrous zombies just to make sure they are really dead. Asylums will be available, known as safe points, in which Castellanos will find refuge, upgrade his abilities, weapons and inventory. You will have to make full use of these features in order to survive, and overcome the hellish adversity. Survival is key in the zombie infested city, and to quote “you’ll need more than bullets if you’re going to make it out alive.” The Evil Within is good to go for October 14, in North America and Europe. Check out below the brand new The Evil Within: Every last bullet gameplay trailer: