Apple Watch put on display by French retailer Colette

The Apple Watch is only scheduled to launch in early 2015 so you’re not likely to get your hands on it any time soon. However, if you happen to be in Paris you might just be able to catch a quick glimpse of the device. The Fashion Week is currently underway and French retailer Colette has an Apple Watch on display that will stay there only for today. Apple’s upcoming smartwatch is safely tucked away behind a window display that resembles the device’s user interface. Unfortunately even if you do happen to be in the area you will only be able to look at the Apple Watch as no trying on is allowed and you can’t purchase it either. Wouldn’t do you much good even if you could though because the watch is running on a demo program and you couldn’t try out any of the functions anyway.

Colette didn’t say if it will be able to sell the Apple Watch once it launches. However, the retailer does seem to have a pretty close relationship with Apple seeing as how the company allowed it to put it on display so it’s pretty safe to assume that Colette will indeed end up selling the device. But how much will it cost anyway? Well, the standard price will be $350,¬†but rumor has it that Apple will launch three versions¬†and the other two will be much more expensive. According to a certain analyst, one of these variants will feature a stainless steel body and sapphire glass display so he predicts that it will end up costing around $1,000. He also says that a solid gold Apple Watch Edition will also be launched and it will cost no less than $5,000.

Apple hasn’t said anything about other versions besides the standard one so we’ll just regard these as speculations and nothing more for now. The Apple Watch will start shipping in February 2015.