Opti-Myst Electric Fire is realistic enough

Winter is coming and the exhibitors at CEATEC 2014 have already thought about making your home more comfy and inviting. A fireplace is one of the classic home decor elements you would add to a lodge or a cabin home, but it does come with a fair set of risks. With these risks in mind, Dimplex created the Opti-Myst Electric Fire, which will give you the aesthetic pleasure of having a fireplace in your home, without the dangers of setting the house on fire.

An electric fire is not a new concept, seeing as even Tesco sells devices similar to the Opti-Myst Electric Fire, but the Dimplex alternative differs from most because the electric fire flame is fully variable and you can even control smoke intensity. With this electric fire, you will miss the fire sound effects and doesn’t emanate any kind of smell whatsoever. For those of you who don’t have the logistics know-how or the possibility to install a real fireplace in your home, an electric fire would be a fairly reasonable choice.

The Opti-Myst Electric Fire and the adjoining stoves and fireplace setups also offer electric heating, so it’s not just for the visual effect, having a practical use as well. Some might be worried that it would be expensive to keep your place warm with the Opti-Myst Electric Fire, but Dimplex says that costs will be minimal and you don’t have to use the heating function every time you would like to see the flames in your fireplace. The Opti-Myst Electric Fire flame can be operated independently from its heating function. With the Dimplex fireplaces and stoves, you get a thermostat and a remote control beside the Opti-Myst Electric Fire, as well as features like opening doors, two heat settings on most models and a stylish cast-iron body.

The Opti-Myst Electric Fire uses ultrasonic technology to create an ultra fine water mist that is illuminated to create the flames and the smoke effect. This technology, according to Dimplex, makes its electric fire seem realistic, more so than what you would find at Tesco or at other manufacturers. It’s a nice idea, in my opinion, and I would definitely enjoy having the Opti-Myst Electric Fire in my home, mostly because I have a fireplace already, it just doesn’t work. I would have licked some sound effects to accompany the electric fire, and maybe even some incense of burning wood, but alas, Dimplex hasn’t implemented that yet. You can get the Opti-Myst Electric Fire in various setups for around $1.620.