Wildstar: Carbine discusses new content, lore, features and improvements

We reported a few days ago that Wildstar developer Carbine Studios decided to cancel the Halloween and Christmas events so they can focus on more content updates. Earlier today, the developer went into more details regarding the new content included into the next major update. According to Carbine, this will be the biggest Wildstar update to date and will feature the next two chapters of content, “Mystery of the Genesis Prime” and “Journey to OMNIcore-1”. The former adds a new level 50 area called The Defile where you will have to battle The Strain in order to uncover the secrets of Drusera. Meanwhile, OMNIcore-1 introduces players to the Nexus Saga and adds a plethora of new content for players of all levels. Aside from new content, Carbine also talked about the new features and improvements coming to Wildstar with the next update.

  • With this new update, you can now skip the tutorial in case you’re rolling alts but don’t want to sit through stuff you’re already familiar with.
  • We’re making edits to lower levels (6 – 14) like adding rental mount vendors for low level zones and adding more runecrafting stations and lesser runes to increase player power and decrease levelling time during the early hours.
  • We’re also adjusting ELO matching, decreasing the amount of rating you and your party loses after being defeated.
  • We’re updating the rune system by giving the ability to unlock and reroll slots, and making some tweaks to the randomness of drops.
  • We’re reducing dye costs as well, meaning that players will get more opportunities to utilize the dye system and customize their character.
  • More gold will be rewarded for activities at the lower levels, giving players more currency to play with, buying new housing items, gear and other fancy doodads.
  • Housing will also be getting a great new feature, as now players will be able to not only remodel their home but also the music that plays on their housing plots.

Last but not least, Carbine Studios is also adding new lore to Wildstar in the form of new datacubes, quests and collectibles. In addition, OMNIcore-1 will feature fully voiced NPCs to make the story easier to sink in and there will also be new cinematic scenes to feast your eyes upon. Add to all of that the usual assortment of tweaks and bug fixes and we’ll likely be looking at the best Wildstar update so far.