Raven’s Cry has been officially delayed… again

Raven’s Cry – an upcoming pirate-themed third-person open-world action/adventure title developed by Two Worlds 2 creator Reality Pump and published by TopWare Interactive – has been officially delayed to November. The game’s newest release date is November 27th, when it will launch on the PC, Mac, and Linux. Ports for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 consoles are also in the works, but they’ll ship (get it?) sometime in the first quarter (too easy) of 2015.

“All the recordings have been made, all features are on board, but no sailor feels safe when his ship is listing”, comically-reads the official announcement from Steam. “So, to make sure we can count on smooth sailing form here on out, Raven’s Cry will now be released on November 27, 2014 for PC and Mac, the retail and console versions will be out in the first quarter of 2015. But there’s some good news as well! We recently picked up a coded message in a bottle informing us that our pirate epic will be coming out on November 27, on Linux and SteamOS, too”.

Raven’s Cry is described as a role-playing adventure game that combines fast-paced swordplay, thrilling naval battles, and free ranging explorations through undocumented islands and historical towns. Think of a somewhat darker Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or Risen 2: Dark Waters. Going further into the game’s official description, it’s quite possible Reality Pump takes a jab at Ubisoft’s fourth installment in the Assassin’s Creed saga, as it has added the following – “Raven’s Cry is more interested in realism than hand-holding, so you’ll find no beams of light showing your cannon-ball trajectory, nor will an auto aim assist you in precision shots to take out your enemies masts”.

Finally – among others – Raven’s Cry also promises “morally grey decisions which influence the story and character interactions, creating a unique gaming experience”, as well as an extensive economic system.