iPhone 6 ripoff from Lenovo in the works

We have seen many iPhone knock-offs and ripoffs in the past, but most of them usually come from underdog companies that make cheap and not that high quality handsets, for those who would really want an iPhone but do not have the cash to get their hands on it. Surprisingly, it seems that Lenovo is actually working on an iPhone 6 ripoff, although keep in mind that these are just rumors and a few leaked photos we are talking about, so don’t go bashing away at the company who brought us the Lenovo Vibe Z3 and the Lenovo Yoga tablets just yet.

While iPhone knock-offs ordinarily come with mid-range or low-end specs, and mainly employ the design of Apple in their build, Lenovo seems to be building a pretty nice iPhone 6 ripoff, the Lenovo Sisley, which is supposedly aimed at female smartphone users, with its pink chassis and French designer-inspired name. The Lenovo Sisley can be called a definite iPhone 6 knock-off because it actually looks just like Apple’s newest flagship, save for a small difference in the white bands and on the top of the phone.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 6 knock-off from Lenovo seems to sport two very capable cameras, both with LED flash. A 13 MP camera on the rear and an 8 MP selfie-shooter on the front seem to be present on the new¬†Lenovo handset, but we don’t know much about the specs the Sisley will be sporting. According to rumors, the Lenovo Sisley will actually be the same size as the iPhone 6, and just as thin, at 6.9 mm.

We don’t know how veritable these images are, so we reiterate the fact that you should consider this piece of news as absolutely debatable and currently just a rumor. For all we know, this could be just an impressive chassis put together by a diligent person who like to cause commotion. Nonetheless, if the Lenovo Sisley is real and is the iPhone 6 ripoff it seems to be, we are curious to find out the internal specs of the device will be. You can check out the leaked images of the Lenovo Sisley, the supposed iPhone 6 ripoff below. What do you think? Is Lenovo actually making an iPhone 6 ripoff?

iPhone 6 ripoff Lenovo Sisley port and speakers
iPhone 6 ripoff Lenovo Sisley screen and capacitative buttons
iPhone 6 ripoff Lenovo Sisley front camera and LED flash
iPhone 6 ripoff Lenovo Sisley rear camera and headphone jack
iPhone 6 ripoff Lenovo Sisley back panel and design