HTC One M8 update brings Eye Experience to the device

We first saw a demo of the Eye Experience platform HTC developed for the cameras on the HTC One M8, HTC Desire Eye and other, older HTC devices at the Double Exposure event earlier. The Eye Experience is a camera application that allows you to customize and benefit from various features that are meant to enhance your photography experience on HTC handsets. The HTC One M8 was mentioned as being the first after the HTC Desire Eye to get the update bringing the Eye Experience app to its owners. The HTC One M8 update should be rolled out by your carrier, and T-Mobile is now distributing the OTA to the device.

The HTC One M8 update should be rolling out later today from T-Mobile, but the company hasn’t given any details about the update, save that it will include the Eye Experience software. While that is great, we would like to know how much memory the update will be using and whether it will be bringing other tweaks and fixes alongside Eye Experience. In any case, many HTC One M8 users were excited about receiving Eye Experience because the software, as demonstrated at the HTC Double Exposure event, brings quite a few fun features you can use with your camera.

T-Mobile is update rolling out an HTC One M8 bringing the Eye Experience

The HTC One M8 will now be able to shoot with Split Capture and feature the Crop Me In tool, Live Make-up tool and many new tweaks to the camera app. As you will see shortly, once you receive the update on your HTC One M8 from T-Mobile, Eye Experience will bring a better face-tracking capability to your camera and will be able to track four faces at a time during calls, photos and videos. Selfie effects were also included in the software, which will allow for more image editing tools on the HTC One M8. You can also take selfies using voice commands and Motion Launch Snap. That means that you only need to raise your HTC One M8, smile and Eye Experience will automatically take a picture for you. Split Capture will snap a picture with both the rear camera and the selfie shooter on the HTC One M8, so that you can combine both perspectives in one photo. Face Fusion is also an interesting new feature of Eye Experience, and it allows you to combine two different selfies into one (weird) portrait.

The Eye Experience should also be rolling out to the HTC One M8 Eye variant, currently exclusive to Asian markets. The HTC One M8 Eye replaces the 4 ultrapixel shooter on the rear of the device with a 13 MP shooter, which you can also find on the front. While most HTC One M8 Eye users were completely satisfied with the camera performance on the handset, HTC though that it would be nice to offer up some choice in the matter. In any case, the Eye Experience HTC One M8 update should be arriving to your handset soon, so let us know how you like the new software and what you will be using it for most often. Which of the Eye Experience features do you think will work best on the HTC One M8?

The HTC One M8 update with Eye Experience will bring features like Photo Booth, Live Make-up, Split capture, improved face tracking, Crop-me-in and new selfie modes.