Qualcomm thinks 2K smartphones will be mainstream soon

Qualcomm, one of the most popular mobile chipset manufacturers, has detailed its views about smartphone displays in the future in an interview. Qualcomm VP of Marketing, Tim McDonough, has talked to TrustedReviews about what the company thinks is ahead for smartphone displays and they seem to be confident that 2K smartphones will soon become the norm. With the LG G4 said to be launched with a 3K display, we don’t think these statements are out of line.

2K aka QHD displays are not anything new, as the LG G3 and the Galaxy Note 4 both sport these high-resolution screens. Still, there is reticence towards 2K resolution because it tends to eat away battery life a lot. Until smartphone batteries are optimized for such a high power consumption, my personal opinion is that 2K or QHD will not be the norm. Based on rumors and leaks surrounding the HTC One M9, we can back up that claim, because most sources point towards an FHD screen. Even though Qualcomm stands by their opinion and assessment of smartphone technology in the future, we don’t see that future becoming real without advancements in battery tech.

Qualcomm’s position on 4K screens is much more realistic, as McDonough states that implementation of 4K in smartphones is not something we will see soon. He bases that assumption on the fact that the form factor of the generic smartphone can’t benefit from 4K resolution, but tablets could. With that in mind, Qualcomm is hinting at new 4K resolution tablets, which we might see unveiled at the MWC 2015. Take that with a grain of salt, though, because it’s just an assumption on our part.

Nevertheless, Qualcomm is on to something when it comes to display technology and the company might be advertising the shift from FHD to QHD because the Snapdragon 810 and other upcoming processors from the company will be capable of great power management. Still, we’re looking forward to seeing serious improvements in the battery technology field, as that would help make 2K the norm tremendously.