Replace your fitness tracker with an earpiece

It seems that everybody is interested in owning a fitness tracker nowadays, but few fitness buffs can find trackers that work without having to be tethered to a smartphone. While there are fitness trackers that can do their job just fine without requiring a smartphone, some people might not be comfortable wearing gear on their wrists while they exercise. A solution has been introduced for those who would like something different in their fitness tracker, and it’s called the SensoTRACK smart earpiece.

While the Misfit Shine, Nike and Jawbone fitness tracker and Fitbit Force are great solution if you don’t want to haul a smartphone around when you are exercising, the  SensoTRACK smart earpiece is an interesting new way of de-cluttering your training. The earpiece is as smart a fitness tracker as any other wristworn one, being able to measure respiration and heart rate, detect oxygen saturation and provide blood pressure readings. Just like any other fitness tracker out there, it can count your steps and calories, as well as monitor your speed and activity level during exercise. It can also track your weight, blood sugar, BMI and emotional state. According to the manufacturers, the  SensoTRACK smart earpiece should be more accurate than most fitness tracker units you can find on the market. The  SensoTRACK fitness tracker also has a personal trainer incorporated, which will give you advice on your workout through the earpiece.

SensoTRACK fitness tracker

While the  SensoTRACK smart earpiece can work just fine without an app, being able to store a week’s worth of fitness data, it does have an iOS or Android app with which you can view all your stats, set goals, routes, habits and workout history. You also benefit from a desktop portal you can access through Bluetooth LE or a simple microUSB port. Even though the fitness tracker is not yet officially available, you can fund it on its Kickstarter page. Supposedly, a working prototype has already been made. You can fund the campaign and get your own  SensoTRACK fitness tracker for $200. The earpiece should start shipping by April 2015, if the campaign hits its funding goal.