Call of Duty Advanced Warfare leak manages to upset Sledgehammer co-founder

It’s no secret that leaks are very common in the gaming industry these days and you’ll actually be hard pressed to find a developer that can keep its game away from prying eyes until launch day. Although examples are not many, we can at least name Call of Duty Advanced Warfare as one of the few games that leakers haven’t managed to spoil. Well, not until recently at least. Footage of the highly anticipated shooter emerged a few days ago on Twitch via a live stream. Understandably, developer Sledgehammer Games was pretty upset about it, especially since the company was able to prevent the game from leaking for the last 4 years.

Co-founder Glen Schofield went on Twitter to express his frustration regarding the matter, where he also said that the leaked Call of Duty Advanced Warfare footage came from a stolen copy of the game. “We took 3 years 2 make a game. Kept it quiet 4 the fans & it has to be stolen & leaked a week b4. That sucks. A real bummer. Thanks a lot,” said Schofield. He also went on to suggest that watching leaked footage ruins all the surprises implemented by the developers who see “discovery” as a very important part of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. “It is a big deal to us because discovery while playing is part of the fun,” the co-founder added. “It will all be good, just saying.”

The leak is particularly annoying for Sledgehammer Games as it comes only one week before Call of Duty officially launches. What’s strange about this story is that Schofield claims the leaker had a “stolen” copy of the game. How did he managed to get ahold of the game so soon? I guess we’ll never know, unless publisher Activision┬ádecides to pursue legal action against the leaker and find out of course. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be released on November 4th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.