Borderlands The Pre-Sequel’s first DLC adds new character

Developer Gearbox has recently announced Borderlands The Pre-Sequel’s first downloadable package called the Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack brings in a fifth playable character, and – as the name implies – this newest addition to the game’s cast is Jack the Doppelganger. The Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack lands on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 11th, and will set you back $9.99 USD. Of course, said DLC is part of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel’s season pass, which you can snatch for $29.99 USD.

This clone of Handsome Jack is part of the Doppelganger class who can summon two Digi-Jacks to fight for the player. Each Digi-Jack takes its own damage, and when it dies, it simply re-spawns near the player. Digi-Jacks can earn bonuses and Second Wind in Fight For Your Life for the player depending on how they spec out their Skill Trees.

The storyline of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel focuses on four playable characters – all of whom were NPCs and bosses in previous Borderlands games – and the back-story of Jack (who would be the antagonist in Borderlands 2), an employee of Hyperion trying to re-gain control of its space-station Helios from a military operation known as the Lost Legion. The game expands upon the engine and gameplay of Borderlands 2 and introduced new gameplay mechanics, including low-gravity environments, freeze weapons, and oxygen tanks, which are used to navigate environments and perform special attacks.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel received mixed to positive reviews. While praised for its new gameplay features – maintaining the trademark humour and style of previous entries in the Borderlands series – and for appealing to long-time fans of the franchise, the game was characterized by some as an expansion-pack for Borderlands 2 that did not provide many significant deviations from the core mechanics of its predecessor. A second – currently unannounced – DLC character, Aurelia, “the Baroness”, was discovered in data from a beta update of the PC version of the game, although its public release date is unknown.