Gmail 5.0 available in the Google Play Store

Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail hosts on the planet, and updates to the service are always a welcome edition. With Google Inbox stealing all the spotlight, Gmail still manages to keep users interested in its services. Gmail 5.0 brings Material Design as one of the most noticeable features of the layout, which should be welcome by all Android enthusiasts, and more. Gmail 5.0 leaked along with an APK which users can already install so that they can see what this update is all about. Gmail 5.0 brings integration with Yahoo Mail, Exchange and Outlook, as well.

As of now, the Gmail 5.0 app is now available in the Google Play Store, so you can avoid those backdoor links you might have found to the APK yesterday. The APK that Android Police released yesterday was signed by Google, so if you happened to already install that, you shouldn’t be worried. Nonetheless, you can go to the Play Store and get the updated Gmail 5.0 for free. Many users are still complaining that Gmail 5.0 didn’t bring a Groups feature to your inbox, or an easier sorting method for all the mail. Otherwise, with Gmail 5.0 you can insert Google Drive files directly into messages.

Gmail 5.0 lets you switch between Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and other e-mail accounts easily.  You can sync the data from your different accounts, but they won’t use push notifications like Google does. You can set sync frequency yourself, so Gmail 5.0 will automatically sync data. You will have to add each individual account separately, and will have separate tabs for them in Gmail 5.0. Exchange support is also available, but it needs an additional APK. Besides the additional account support and great Material Design elements, Gmail remains the same, so it’s not something to write home about. Nonetheless, it is nice to see that Material Design is showing up everywhere, and fast. At the same time, we are glad that Gmail 5.0 supports Exchange and other e-mail accounts.