Mikasa leaves TI4 champions Newbee to coach CDEC

It looks like Newbee will have to look for a new coach as their previous one, Mikasa, just announced that he is leaving the team. His departure reportedly comes as a result of a contract conflict between team Newbee and HuomaoTV and ZhanqiTV. This is a great blow to Newbee at any rate as Mikasa is widely credited as being one of the main reasons for the team’s good performance lately. Indeed, the fact that Newbee won the Dota 2 TI4 championship is in no small part thank to his coaching. Now the coach says that he is moving on and will help train another Chinese Dota 2 team – CDEC.

“I cannot help but feel sad when leaving Newbee,” said Mikasa after he announced his departure from the team. “I am very sorry to have to announce this bad news to everyone today! I left Newbee due to a misunderstanding. I take some responsibility for this misunderstanding as there were many problems which I did not address prhoperly. I chose to leave Newbee, so do not push the blame onto anyone! I hope all my friends and fans who care for me will stop the drama caused by my departure, thanks! I am on way way to CDEC now.”

CDEC was only founded last month, but its players are no strangers to Dota 2. All of its members were once part of LGD.CDEC, also known as LGD’s “youth” squad, until the players left LGD in order to establish their own independent team. Ever since they left LGD’s shadow, CDEC won third place at the recent MSI Beat It 2014 tournament and now they will receive coaching from Mikasa himself, so becoming independent was definitely worth it for the team. As for Newbee, many are speculating that the team’s performance might weaken a bit now that Mikasa is gone, but it’s a bit soon to make predictions just yet if you ask me.