Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting an ESL league system with $50,000 prize pool

ESL is finally implementing a league system for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $50,000 on the line per season. Each season will feature three different competitive leagues: the ESL Pro League, the ESL Major League, and the ESL Open League. This system is very similar to what other eSports games have but I’ll give you a quick rundown in case you’re not familiar with it. The Pro League will consist of the absolute best sixteen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams who will get to duke it out for a large chunk of the prize pool – no less than $48,000. Out of the sixteen teams, eight will be invited by the Electronic Sports League while the other eight will be decided through various qualifiers.

Next off, we have the Major League, which is comprised of 32 semi-pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams that will compete for the remaining prize pool consisting of $2,000. There are no ESL invitations here, so all the teams that want to make it to the Major League must qualify via several qualifiers. Aside from prize money, there is something more at stake here as the top four teams from this league will get to advance to the Pro League. As for the Open League, ESL says that it will be open for anyone who wants to participate, which means that all the interested Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams will just have to sign up and they’re in. There is no prize money here, but the top teams will get to advanced to the Major League and play with the big boys there.

The first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL season kicks off on December 3rd, but the qualifiers are just around the corner and will begin this Saturday, November 8th. The league system will only be available in Europe for now as this is where the game is the most popular. However, we can safely assume that it will arrive in other regions as well if it ends up being successful. For more information on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL league visit this page.