Rockstar Giveaway – Custom Consoles

GTA V just re-released last week as of today. While there are still glitches, cheats, and reviews coming out for the game, Rockstar has announced a giveaway. The giveaway Rockstar is doing comes with some very specific GTA V items. If you win the grand prize you will receive either a custom designed Xbox One or a PS4 with a GTA V design, this depends on where you enter. The design for the consoles is described as the following:

“Both of these individually hand-fabricated consoles features an exclusive black-on-black Grand Theft Auto V design, laser etched on micro perforated metal paneling with hi-gloss deep green painted accents and a custom color-matched controller. “

The giveaway doesn’t stop there though, it also includes deluxe prize packs. These packs are filled with GTA V exclusive shirts, hats, and a ton of other little goodies. Here’s a full list:

  • CNT Tee
  • Cultstoppers Pin Set
  • Dr. Friedlander Stress Ball
  • Epsilon Program Laser-Etched Paper Weight
  • Fred’s Pictures Tee
  • Grotti Polo
  • iFruit Mouse Pad
  • LifeInvader Mouse Pad
  • Loneliest Robot Greeting Card
  • Los Santos Est. 1781 Tee
  • Los Santos Radio Pin Set
  • Los Santos, San Andreas Tee
  • Love Fist Tee
  • Merryweather Security Polo
  • Merryweather Security Cap (in both Black and Fatigue)
  • Merryweather Security Heat Changing Mug
  • Merryweather Security Tee (in both Black and Grey)
  • Pogo Keychain
  • San Andreas Republic Tee
  • Snapmatic Tee
  • Sprunk Water Bottle
  • STD Contractors Tee
  • Sticker Pack featuring the brands of GTAV


20 of these packs will be given away. The giveaway ends on December 1st, so hurry up and enter at Rockstar’s official site! You can enter on Rockstar’s Facebook or Rockstar’s Social Club. Rockstar’s Facebook makes the grand prize a PS4, while their social club is linked up for the Xbox One. Both of these will also be giving out 10 of the Deluxe Prize Packs. Rockstar’s giveaway is to celebrate the re-release of GTA and it does it with style!