LEGO Batman 3 DLC Further Detailed

LEGO Batman 3 DLC will be contain both free and priced content. New upcoming content includes the Bizarro World Pack. This content will actually be the fourth installment in a series of six. This Bizarro World Pack will have the player travel to Bizarro’s world to save it from destruction and join the Bizarro League. The League was apparently formed when Bizarro stole a Duplicator Ray from Lex Luthor so he could form his own twisted version of the Justice League. Bizarro is an imperfect clone of Superman with all of his abilities though some of them, and his way of thinking, are mirror images. Instead of frost breath and heat vision, Bizarro has fire breath and ice vision. Also when you tell Bizarro “no” he believes it to be “yes.” Two new minifigs that will come with this content are Bizarro and Bizarra (Wonder Woman clone.)

LEGO Batman 3 DLC is not just tied to the season pass or a paywall. Instead developer TellTale Games will be releasing free DLC to players as well. The first of these free DLC packs will revolve around female characters on both sides of the conflict. Both Raven and Starfire from the popular show and comic Teen Titans will be playable minifigs in this addition.

LEGO Batman 3 DLC promotions advertised that 40 playable characters would be added to the game. TellTale also explained that each pack will have one mission level with both story and free play available, and new characters, vehicles, and achievements. The Dark Knight pack was first and recreates the chase scene from film The Dark Knight. Joker was playable but Bane and Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises were also added in. Second of the three is The Man of Steel where you help Jor-El send Superman to earth on the dying planet of Krypton and take on General Zod. Lastly is the Batman 75th Anniversary pack where you play as both Joker and Harley and encounter Batman as he first appeared in Detective Comics #27. These packs were released on November 14 and cost $3 each separately. LEGO Batman 3 was released on November 11 for every major console and handheld.