Suikoden II Coming to the PSN

Suikoden II, the cult-hit by developer Konami, first released for the original PlayStation in 1999. Now those who missed it, or were not a part of that generation, will soon be able to experience the game through the PlayStation Network.

Highly requested by fans for years, Suikoden II will be available on the PlayStation Network on December 9th. The game will cost players $5.99, and will be available on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The announcement was made at the PlayStation Experience. The first Suikoden will be available as well, though the second game is considered the best in the series. The games had been anticipated for awhile since the ESRB rated the game back in April. As the title is being released as a PSOne Classic, this will be a rerelease in the original format, and not a port of the PSP version that was released in Japan.

Featuring a robust cast of over 100 playable characters, Suikoden II centers on the invasion by the Kingdom of Highland on the City States of Jowston. The title takes place years after the events of the first Suikoden. Players control a silent protagonist that they name, who is the adopted son of Genkaku, the hero who saved Jowston in war against Highland years ago. The protagonist and his best friend, Jowy Atreides, each gain one half of the Rune of the Beginning, and end up caught in the intrigues of thee invasion, and the dark fate of those that carry the halves of the Rune. When Suikoden II first released, it received positive reviews. Despite this, the game saw a limited print run, and did not receive a reprinting. This has made it one of the most valuable PlayStation games to date.

Suikoden and Suikoden II will be available on the PS Vita and the PlayStation 3 on December 9th. Suikoden I and II both released for the PSP in 2005, though that release was only in Japan.