Bravely Second Receives Japanese Release Date

Bravely Second is Square Enix’s highly anticipated sequel to the original Bravely Default. Now we finally have a release date for Bravely Second, as well as details on the special edition package.

Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23rd, according to the Square Enix Japanese online store. The game will cost 5,980 yen for the standard edition. A special “Collectors Pack” will also be released, costing gamers 14,800 yen. The collector’s pack will include a special Pope Agnes Special-Make Mini-Figure, and an art and novel book titled Bravely Default 200 Years Later: Shrine Maiden of the Wind, Edea Oblige. The pack will also include a rubber strap, and a Mini-Soundtrack.

Along with the announcement of the collector’s pack, a number of retailer-specific bonuses were also revealed. Those that buy the game from the Square Enix eStore will receive the “Trinity Sword.” The sword will have the “Divine Night” ability, which grants the effect of HP recovery when attacked in Default. Amazon buyers will get the “Demon Strike,” a katana with the “Shell Divide” ability, which reduces the enemies physical defense while attacking. Customers at Game Tsutaya and Tsutaya Online Shopping receive the “Holy Lance Garuda,” a spear with the haste ability, which speeds up simple actions for four turns. The final store bonus is at Geo. Players who buy the game there receive “Dragon Breath,” a bow-and-arrow with the “Physical Up” ability, which increases the target’s physical attack power.

Bravely Second will release for the 3DS on¬†April 23rd in Japan. There is no word on whether or not the game will come to North America. A demo for the upcoming Bravely Second is available in Japan (you can see about that here).¬†Bravely Second will be featured at this year’s Jump Festa, which is taking place from December 20th to 21st.

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