The Last of Us DLC Detailed

The Last of Us is back. Even though Naughty Dog stated that they were done with DLC in May, The Last of Us is receiving new DLC. While the official annoucnement won’t be here until tomorrow, YouTuber SanchoWest has released videos of him playing the game. The Last of Us’ new DLC’s name is yet to be known, but we know a good chunk of information about the new DLC thanks to a compiled list from MP1st from SanchoWest’s videos with The Last of Us DLC. New weapons, new perks, new customization options, and new animations are all included with The Last of Us’ new DLC!


Lone Wolf: Once you get far enough from teammates, you get a bunch of perks. You receive 50 parts bonus, agility 2, and sharpshooter 2. Level 2 of Lone Wolf will get you Sharp Ear 3, 100 parts bonus, and the other perks from level 1.

Jack of All Trades: Reduces the cost of perks. Tier 1 costs 5 loadout points, but gives 5 perks that would typically cost 8 points, and tier 2 costs 10 points and gives you 16 loadout points of perks. The following are in tier 1: Brawler 1, Covert Training 1, Sharp ears 1, Strategist 1, and Crafter 1.  Tier 2 having those  and the following :Explosive Expert 1, reviver 1, sharp ears 3, scavenger 1, and second chance 1.

Lucky Break:  Activates when you find a lock box. Tier 1 gives you 50% more pistol ammo. Tier 2 will give you 25% large firearm ammo and 2 crafting ingredients. Level 3 includes all of tier 1 and 2 perks, plus 3 crafting ingredients when you open a lockbox.

Second Chance:  Level 1 tier gives you a free health kit every time your health drops below 50%.  It also gives 25% additional starting ammo after 2 consecutive deaths.  Tier 2 Gives you everything 1 has, plus 25% cheaper ammo.

Lethal Efficiency:  New perk that grants you a new special execution. The perk allows you to sneak behind other players and snap their necks. Level 1 is 2 load out points, and Level 2 is 3 points and increases the animation speed.


The new weapons include Frontier Rifle, Crossbow, Burst Pistol, and a Tactical Shotgun. These guns will be getting their own execution animations as well. The Last of Us DLC will be announced tomorrow and it adds a decent amount of things! You can watch SanchoWest playing the new DLC for The Last of Us on his channel.